Mehndi Design for Hands


Arabic Mehndi Design for Hands also come in a zillion distinctive shapes, sizes and intricate styles. Although the detail plus the symmetry is entirely Arabic, most hand mehndi designs these days are a blend of Indian and Pakistan styles too.

 Here we have put together a well-balanced mix of utterly stunning traditional Arabic mehndi designs for hands and modern iterations of the same floral as well as other cultural accents which have rendered them the choice of brides in India and elsewhere too. If you are looking for a few inspiration for your wedding, look for these latest Arabic mehndi designs for hands:

Types of Arabic Mehndi Design for Hands

  • Floral Arabic Mehndi Designs For Hands : In this design, you could see the way the flowers are valued and well-sustained in each and every possible place on the hand. It increases the beauty of the structure.
  • The Peacock King : When you gaze at the hands, the vital thing you will notice would be the peacock. It is well placed so artistically in the heavy embellishments of their surrounding. Just like a king in his domain.
  • The Bridal Wonder : Such filling new Arabic henna designs are often used to decorate the hands of brides. It is a complicated yet delicate design that stands out.
  • Them Arab Bracelets : Heavily Built on a rhythm of a floral masterpiece, these henna bracelets look so magnificent that you might find yourself getting hooked to this pattern.
  • The Delicate Bride : This could be a light henna design. This design is certain to match your wedding outfit, regardless of what you’re wearing.
  • The Love Of Floral And Keri Patterns : This configuration was born out of adoration for flowers and key arrangements. They go so well together and complement each other aesthetically making it one of the special picks from your list of Arabic bridal mehndi designs for hands.The Grand Peacock Crown : Just as the name suggests, a peacock has been placed on top of the hand and is adorned to look like a vital and catchy portion of the crown (the crown being the rest of the design and style).
  • Keri Armour : The net-like design usually constructed on the fingers and the forearm to make the entire thing appear like a brilliant henna hand armor that is explicitly made for a princess.
  • The Eye Of The Peacock Feather : This henna pattern bear a resemblance to an expanded version of any peacock feather.
  • Vines vs. Flowers : The way this design is structured, it looks like a floral war, where the vines and also the flowers are battling to show up more often than in common Arabic bridal mehndi designs for hands.
  • A Blanket Of Flowers : This design encloses the back of your hand so well. Consequently, it looks like a blanket of flowers.
  • Professionally Glamorous : Just look at the flowers, the circles and the net happen to be incorporated so beautifully. It reflects expertise or the artist in creating Arabic bridal mehndi designs for hands.
  • Garden Of Flowers: Bloomy floral Arabic Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands, there are flowers here, flowers there, flowers exist everywhere. This can be a design created for nature lovers.
  • Traditional Look : This design has been taken through the deep roots of ancient Arabic design, and that is followed by the henna inventors in the middle east.
  • Henna Chandelier : The way the design moves the hand from the fingers look like the chandelier arrangement.
  • The Arm Arabic Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands : Such filling and great designs typically asked for the bride’s hands. These designs normally have a touch of Mughal henna patterns in it too!
  • Pakistani Arab Fusion : This is a design encouraged by the Pakistani-Arabic Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands, and the designer has added a little oriental feel to it.
  • Fun With Colours : The most recent addition to the henna designs is the introduction of colors. Typically henna is colored red, brown or black, though the inclusion of colors, You could now put the highlight of white and pastel colors like blue, pink, green, and the like. It’s loved by teens.
  • Half Empty, Half Full : The designer has been able to design the whole forearm, all the way to the elbow, without making it look highly filling. Such a design can complement any special occasion.
  • Indo-Arabic Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands : This is really a perfect illustration of how a combination of Indian henna designs with Arabic designs would look like.

The design and style are incredibly filling round the wrist (Indian design), but equally lighter at the palm and also the fingers (Arabic design), is pleasing to the eyes too.

Bridal Mehndi Design for Hands

Bridal Mehndi Design for Hands – The wedding season is very close, and what’s a wedding without some glamor and vigor?
The mehendi ceremony is probably the most fun-filled and splendid pre-wedding occasions in India which usually occurs a day or two before wedding. It is regarded as one in the oldest wedding traditions.

The traditional designs of mehendi are getting to be more decorative and intricate with time, with individuals getting more and more creative.
In this festive season, we have put together the most stunning bridal mehendi designs that you’ll adore.

1. The Paisley Print
The paisley print is always a timeless classic. The curved motifs are done in numerous forms, such as the famous mango design. The design has small and beautiful paisleys about the fingertips and larger paisleys on the fingertips and larger paisleys palm. The curvy tips add a smooth movement to the design while the intricate strokes underline the symmetry.

2. The Floral Pattern:
Flowers are regarded to be an impartial motif to wear as they are bound to match with any bridal outfit.
This pattern is all floral and excellent. The tiny leaves emphasize, and the bride’s long fingers and the large flower design is shaded to create depth. With petals and vines of assorted sizes, the model looks very mild, yet intriguing.

3. The Royal Architecture:
This henna design will tell you of the detailed architectural designs which you find at an ancient Mughal palace. The domes and floral designs look like the designs engraved into cemented pillars of any royal residence. The main point of this design is the chequered and split pattern – akin to a tapestry, though, we just cannot ignore the paisleys and petals on the wrist and fingers, as they are also pretty eye-catching too. It’s easy to get fascinated by the pattern of this bridal design.

4. The Raja And Rani:
The raja and rani motif is incredibly common in bridal mehendi designs. This model showcases an artwork of a king and queen from the Mughal age. Despite the intricate patterns that have been drawn through the two faces, the focal point of the design and style stands apart.

5. The Elephant Motif
The elephant-featured mehendi is among the most beloved Indian bridal mehendi designs. The curved and swirly designs put add a distinctive flair to the design, keeping the feet adorned, although not to such extent that the elephants go unnoticed. The elephant design is special and different from common motifs like peacocks and floral patterns.

6 The Peacock Passion
The stylish and the most outstanding peacock design is accepted anywhere in Indian bridal circles – beginning from bindis to lehengas, and of course, henna designs!
A peacock design with expanded feathers can be directly incorporated with other motifs and floral patterns. Furthermore, the grace of the peacock’s long neck and delightful feathers is unbeatable.

7. The Swirl
This curvy type is done on each finger, leaving a blank space between the palm as well as the fingers. The major swirls and paisley pattern with dot accents forms a vintage design to the brides who would like to sport mehendi, but would like it to be minimal.

8. Colored Mehendi Design
The colored mehendi design is fairly a new concept. The different colors stand out and make the design and style more attractive. Though this one is not an old layout, couples are tinkering with this to sport something unique on their wedding day.

9. The Single Mandala
The mandala can be a very favorite design in bridal mehendi – a considerable circle that always serves as a base around which several patterns are drawn. The petals will often be arranged to
construct a multi-facets look. Does this design tell you of the rays of the sun?

Latest Mehndi Designs Outline 2016

Mehndi in today’s world is often a worldwide sensation! Mehndi art has advanced into a world fashion spectacle with celebs from Hollywood, Bollywood and several other industries sporting them on red carpets at fashion dos. These are the most up-to-date mehndi designs 2016 for all those looking for new trends, patterns and designs in this gorgeous art:

1. The Peacock Fashioned: The latest Mehndi Designs 2016 : Peacock is not only a national bird; it is also mehndi art’s representational mascot and also the most common brand ambassador of sorts. Here it is showed like never before- a symbol of love, grace, and agility. A beautiful bird presented in a distinctive and modern style to attract the modern mehndi aficionado.

2. Palm Peacock : Another form of the inimitable peacock, though this time on the palm. This design is spectacular and sophisticated with very less space among the henna lines, giving the complete layout a creative rangoli like appeal. This utilization of negative space and clean space is one of the contemporary trends in mehendi and tends to make for one of the best and latest mehndi designs of 2016.

3. National Bird Re-imagined : Nowadays several girls go for designs that consistent with their roots however with a modern twist – in modern-day India, it is usually a far cry from anything experienced before, same goes with this mehndi design that depicts the peacock in styles which are the newest and trendiest in almost all of mehndi.

4. The Modern Day Dandiya Mehndi Design : With your arms, feet and also legs completely covered with the mehndi design, it is an ostentatious and more convoluted iteration of the dulha Dulhan design. This is surely an attractive design of the bride and the groom playing dandiya and is also like a bridal sight which has been captured in mehndi. It exactly means groom and bride, and as such, the dulha-Dulhan mehndi design which is a bridal specialty across North India is a creative portrait of the bride and the groom through mehndi art. This design is exclusive to weddings and here is portrayed in a most fashionable and stylish style unfailing with the modern mehendi patterns and strokes, so while there are lots of iterations of this magnificent style, that is one of the newest, and the most attractive mehndi designs for 2016.

5. Nature Motivated Latest Mehndi Designs 2016 – Current Day Flower-patterned, Symmetrical And Flowing Pattern Designs : The next pair of designs are modern mehndi designs motivated by nature, and so is a set of the newest of the new mehndi designs 2016. These are floral designs, symmetric pitter-patters which might be tree-like and plenty of more designs which can be a fusion of traditional and contemporary artistic styles and patterns.

6. Trendy & Minimalist Simple Floral Mehndi : The floral design is the one that has transformed much, and each and every new iteration brings a modern and stylish twist to this description. This is often a straight and straightforward floral mehndi design that’s uncluttered and lightweight – embracing the present trend of minimalist design. It is easy on the eyes and would match any dressing or style you choose to team it with.

7. Wheel Of Life: Latest Mehndi Designs 2016 : Latest styles in mehndi regularly bring with them re-imagination and modern takes on numerous things – this is being put forward by Jagganath Ratha Chakra or wheel in the Sun God (Lord Surya). This elegant and contemporary design is really a very common choice among young and trendy Indian women. The design is sophisticated and it has comprehensive accents that add to its appeal, giving your mehndi an exclusive and unique style.

Arabic Mehndi Design

Wedding season is approaching, and the brides-to-be are busy choosing their attire and jewellry. Moreover, a bridal look will be incomplete without having mehendi. Brides today want designs which will have a modern touch to it, and Arabic mehendi is going to be ideal for them. In Arabic Mehendi the designs have typical floral fine art and a free flowing arrangement; The floral designs are repetitive in a geometric pattern covering the hands and foot. Arabic mehendi will help the beauty of the bride to make her look gorgeous! As the name suggests Arabic Mehendi came from Arabian countries and it also gradually became popular in Asia, particularly India and Pakistan. Often Indian motifs are combined with Arabic mehendi, producing mixed patterns. Arabic mehendi is a lot more bold and noticeable as it’s made using darkish and black mehendi as opposed to red mehendi.

The major outline or borders of the designs are made out of black mehendi that makes it looks bold and lovely. It is much easier to create Arabic mehendi design and it is appropriate for any occasion. Even if you are not a specialist at creating mehendi, you may still make your mehendi both at home and try it with your friends.

Beautiful Arabic Mehndi Designs:

These are some of the best Arabic mehndi designs for hands and feet which are very stunning and can be created in your house anytime.

1. This design is comfortable, neat and not messy. Those who usually shy away from full hand designs can accomplish this mehendi design. The motifs are not difficult plus the floral patterns are extremely feminine. This design is well suited for any occasion and could be done by anyone. Even though you aren’t an expert at crafting mehendis you could still make this design.

2. This mehendi design would look breathtaking on top or back of your respective hands. This design covers the top of your hands, fingers and also the wrist. The design is usually a combination of paisley and floral motifs Additionally, on the wrist, there is often a bangle like design rendering it unique. This mehendi design is neither too full nor too less. However, this design makes the hands look filled up and delightful without having much amount of detail and complicated designs. This is an easy and excellent way to decorate the very top or back of the hands for one’s wedding or virtually any other occasion.

3. Do you want to try some out of the box Arabic mehendi design for your hands? At this point, it is possible to try this one. The inverted heart pattern, as well as the net-like patterns with tiny flowers, makes this to mehendi design distinct from the usual ones. This Arabic mehendi design is quite convoluted as a result of the minute details, often a little complicated to produce. Moreover, this design will be stunning on the hands of the bride-to-be.

4. Another modest yet beautiful design on the back or top of the hands. This design is often a combination of flower and an arch like motif makes it well suited for Eid and weddings. Eid requires a great feast and celebration, and how can a celebration be unique without mehendi! Moreover, Arabic Mehendi design is often a reflection of Islamic religion and culture, so this beautiful and simple design is appropriate for Eid along with similar celebrations in the Muslim community.

5. This Arabic mehendi conventional design for the wrist is somewhat unique. You might use this model by itself keeping the palm free of any color, or you could possible also include it into every other design you love. You can even utilize this design as mehendi tattoo. It is the simplicity of the conventional design that gives it a modern day look; it will probably be a great hit among teenagers and college goers.

6. Looking for some exceptional and inventive Arabic mehendi designs for hands? This mehendi design is different with all the large floral pattern on the three fingers. While on one side of the palm and fingers are decorated with large, intricate designs the added side is kept simple with occasional dots. It is a nice combination of intricate as well as simple motifs thus, making this model the perfect choice for the modern bride also it could also be tried on anyone who wants their hands to do all the major talking. This design will truly let your your hands stand out from everyone else!

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