Nail Art Designs

If we learned any new thing in the last few years, nail art is here now to stay. And why not? Besides the hair and face, your nails are the last frontier for truly expressing yourself with beauty trends. Thankfully, more tools, tricks, and varieties (spray-on nail polish, anybody?) are coming up every month. So, there’ll always be new techniques for getting creative with nail art.

Here are the best – let’s just say, you simply won’t be dissatisfied.

1. Mirror People on different social media platforms are going wild over this nail art. While most nail arts has these designs, this metallic look, made using The Mirror Nail Polish from Born Pretty, is natural yet dramatic. All you need to do is to apply a base coat of perfect polish, then two coats of the deeply reflective silver topcoat. Just like that, you have a look fit for the Olympic medal.

2. Minimalist With a Twist Actually Playing with negative space in your manicure is often a cooling solution to wear exclusive designs without getting too melodramatic. “Minimalist nails will still be huge, though with more of a twist,” says Alexaundra McCormick of Honey Artists, who adds that regular and theoretical patterns are going to be prominent in the new year.

3. Radiant Opal Considering how large the dimensions of the opal hair trend was in 2016, it makes sense that McCormick prediction that opal polishes will be getting bigger for 2017.  Try it in a shiny pale polish or even a sparkling pearlescent topcoat – in any event, either way, your nails will be fit for virtually any elegant event.

4. Oil Spill nails art It came as smooth oil hair, which took unnatural shades one step further and made trendy shades open to brunettes.Recently comes this cool take on metallic that seems just like a dripping, swirly oil spill – though with way less mess, as expected.

5. Nude But Better If you adore the look of naked nails but nonetheless want to have a polished, even look, you are in luck: nude nails are returning, according to  Janel Lucas, writer of Holiday Nail Art.

6. 3D Charms Add a little extra bling to your characteristic mani with a dash of sparkle on every nail. “I see a lot more people than ever adding 3-D trappings, small pebbles, and gemstones,” observes McCormick.

7. Ballerina Nails ( also known as Coffin Nails) If you’re actually focused on cool designs, this ultra-long shape having a flat tip might be what you’re looking for. “Ballerina’s nails have become fashionable and wearable – and excellent for producing daring, edgy nail appearances,” says Lucas.

8. Little Ballerina If ultra-long ballerina nails are too much to handle, this is a quieter version that’s still totally on-trend.

9. Oval Nails Though ballerina and stiletto nails aren’t quite practical for everybody, so here’s some good news: “I think short oval nails is bound to take the cake in 2017,” says McCormick, who notes that this shape is all over the runways recently. On top of being an easy task to maintain, you simply won’t hurt yourself when it comes to time to remove your contacts.

10. Holographic Polish Beam your nails up with holographic polishes! Expert predicts these will likely be big in the coming months. Bonus: Using one metallic shade still appears to be cool and dynamic as more traditional nail art.