Steps to make Mehandi Cones at Home!

There are many blogs and websites writing about home-made mehandi or natural mehandi, But none of them talked about homemade mehandi cones, In this article I will tell you step by step procedure to make mehndi cones. In ancient times, people use a pointed sticks to create mehndi designs, which need lot of attention and skills, so difficult for basic designer. But nowadays, different types of cones are saturated in the market to make mehndi design very easy and simple. Homemade cones are very easy and simple to make by following this procedure:

Step-1 : Gather all necessary material to make cones like a sheet of paper, a cello tape, a scissors and a rubber band with you.

Step-2 : Now cut the sheet into a square shape of almost 25 cm, so that you can easily hold in hand. After cutting in square, fold the sheet diagonally so that it looks a like two triangles.

Step-3 : After opening the triangles put your right hand finger in middle of both the triangles and left hand finger at the edge of triangles.

Step-4 : After holding it, with the help of right hand grab the closest corner and pull your left hand to turn round by holding from center of the longest side.

Step-5 : After this, rolls the triangle into the cone shape with the help of right hand and hold the last position by left hand finger so that it become pointed.

Step-6 : Now you can adjust the cone by pulling the outside layer up to your desired shapes and also you can adjust the tip of cones, according to your wish.

Step-7 : Now gently put the tape at the exposed part of the cones, so that it can be fixed and ready for use to apply mehndi. After that, cut the tip with the help of scissor and uses them according to your choice.